Eggs: Energy, with a hint of omelette

Experiment for a semiotics-class I took back in early 2013. "Can you sell basic grocery products in a genuinely cool way?" In my case: eggs.

How Gen-Y sees 'energy':

For years marketers have used infantile quirky commercials and cartoons with funny rhyming words and silly voices. to tell us youngsters about eggs, and minerals, and protein and vitamins that somehow give energy and muscles and stuff. But youngsters don’t care, and they certainly don’t believe you. When you say energy, they think Red BullWhen you say muscles, they think fitness shakes. So why not tell that story? Eggs are in fact: energy, with a hint of omelette.

For the assignment I used symbols and codes of famous energy drinks and shakes. In reality that wouldn't be possible without lawsuits. An egg brand suddenly sponsoring extreme sports would be better. But that wasn't my assignment.

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Tv Scripts

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