selected radio

Unfortunately only in Dutch. During my internship at Mortierbrigade I wrote several radio commercials for Belgian newspaper De Standaard and Humo magazine with help and guidance from creative directors Jens Mortier and Joost Berends. All commercials were recorded at Het Geluidshuis and no innocent radios were harmed in the writing process.

Humo: Marvel comics

In Europe nobody cares about Captain America. Luckily there is a lot of misery in the world and we all need a hero from time to time. 

Humo: DIY science experiments

Free science projects to impress your friends. What better way to sell them than an experimental radio commercial? I came up with the script that we used to make a series of radio commercials. They really came alive in the Radio studio.

De Standaard: World Book Of Love

Type 'love' in Google images search. Cheesy right?This is not what you will find in the World Book Of Love.

De Standaard: Belgian racism files

We confronted Belgians with their inner racist. Willem De Wachter & Thomas Thysens made the print.