Agency: Sue Amsterdam (Internship)

Briefing: Local videostore-chain (bought by a commercial television network called RTL) wants to become the new Netflix in the Netherlands.

First reactions: [peeing pants]

First Insights: a lot of people demand local content. You can't beat Popcorn Time. Netflix's most popular show in the Netherlands is... NCIS

And most of our target audience doesn't know Netflix, or think  'difficult', 'I'm too old for that' ... They would, however like to know where their videostore went. Retro, especially 80s and 90s is trending. Experience is everything.

Idea: f*ck 1080p! celebrate the 80s-90s VHS era.

Strapline: "Videoland, the videostore in your living room." Nice enough for ads, but digitally even better. 

redesigning the platform: opening the website with the jingle (much like apple and windows computers back in the day) offering food (icecream and popcorn like they used to in the videostore) refer to the geographic location of the closest video store adress around your corner, geek advice, loyalty programs with movieposters, bargain bin, Retro VHS covers. special video quality formats with analogue noise. rounded screen corners. Hyping old content. and so on.

Result: we won the pitch against far better agencies. First work coming in september!