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Healthy Habit Poetry

How do you win over a client like WW (formerly WeightWatchers) in a pitch for Instagram-content?
You show them more than theory or strategy, and make something that’s actually fun (to make)!

The formula is incredibly simple:

1) Find a good habit / life hack / behavioral insight. e.g. putting your running shoes next to your bed to nudge yourself into running more.

2) Make it rhyme, make it sweet, also unexpected, take as little words you need.

3) Highlight the important words, put it al in a square. Illustrate for extra effect.

All in all, once you get the hang of it, a single post takes about an hour or so to make.

And how do you lose a client like WW? No idea, you’d have to ask our account people. It had something to do with money. ;-)