What is this strange place?

Congratulations vistor! You've reached the obscure underbelly of my website. The Frequently Asked Questions -section. Yes. Frequently... Ironically it scores less than 2 visitors per month. Only the truly curious get to feast their eyes on its contents. You must be quite the phenomenon yourself, I can already tell!  Please do continue reading...


Why did you make this FAQ -section?

As I walk this Earth I meet people. Sometimes they ask questions. Sometimes I answer them. Sometimes I make a fool of myself in doing so. Sometimes I write a better answer here, hours later. Sometimes I hope these people will read my 'improved' answers here. And sometimes I make those questions up myself, for 'reflection purposes'...


What's your story? (be brief please)

After my first creative gig, I had this revelation... I no longer wanted to be creative. I wanted to be smart. But then when I finally became smart I no longer wanted to be smart, I wanted to be wise. It took me forever to become wise; but eventually I realized wise sounds very old. So that day I decided to be young. Young and creative... All this to say. The one constant thing I strive for is change. Everything else I learn on-the-fly.


What kind of work do you want to make?

Intelligent work naturally. But that's not enough. I want it to mean something. You should be able to feel it. Love it or hate it. Intensely. And I personally believe nowadays there is not enough appreciation for the little sparks of imagination and countless hours that make every idea, just bigger. I want to make the kind of work other creatives can envy. Not just for the attention and recognition but also for the amount of fun we had creating it. The kind of work that gets known, respected, illegally downloaded and ultimately; loved. Not just by people working in Ad agencies. Pretty much what all creatives want.


And what kind of work do you actually make?

I'm very junior, and totally biased towards a certain kind of work. I need to make boatloads of work and let other people judge. And take it. Like a man. Or a woman, giving birth. Other people having their way with my babies. And killing them, by the hundreds. Having to watch. Always coming back to offer them seconds. Sorry for that visual.


Why is the name of your website 3 stages of the moon (🌓🌝🌘)?

Squint your eyes and behold! The lighted sides will reveal my logo, and therefore my initials. The three stages also resemble time, as my website is in fact - a time machine -. Plus there's this mystical relationship between the moon and irrational responses (emotions) which is at the heart of my work. It's all very complicated and philosophical but don't you worry about that: I have a pretentious art print to explain the whole thing.


Are you a copywriter or strategist or artist or designer or art director or... ?

My twitter description once had the perfect answer for you: "I don't know what I am but dear God, let it not be a buzzword." My current description is a close second: "kind of employed weirdo". On LinkedIn I called it "strategic creative". After years of searching for myself and trying things out I can safely say I choose to be creative. (It makes me a the most positive person.) But any employer who believes a creative can own a brain, may always get in touch. See mom? not difficult. 


What are those vacant circles in your website's footer?

They're no longer there but I call them 'cabinets'. And the empty ones are Art space for rent. Just send over a design and maybe your work will be featured in the prestigious footer gallery of a website that has less than 10 visitors per week!!!


What are you looking for?

Beauty, Truth and Love. :-P Also: people & places that can help me make the best work of my career. Plus nothing in general. I just like looking.


Will you work on less exciting briefings?

I believe there is no such thing as a bad briefing. And an idea shouldn't be big to work. Creativity comes in many sizes. And value can be added anywhere, in words, images, video, interaction, UX, answering customer's questions, ...  Especially on a 'non-sexy category' or a briefing that doesn't make sense. But... this doesn't mean I can make great work for just about anyone. The client also has a very important role to play.


Are those... emoji in your past?

Yep. Just copy+paste and boom! Now I can say I have an emoji concept in my portfolio. Damn I'm so progressive! Unlike words, they communicate on a visual level, so let's say...  extra-terestral lifeforms would be capable of understanding it. One day I swear that will come in handy. Besides they make those links look far more clickable. And they gave me an excellent opportunity to write dumb FAQ lemmas about them. Jup, that's why.


What tv shows should I watch? (yes people do ask this frequently)

Depends what you're into. I can highly recommend Black Mirror and Fargo. I also like Master Of None, You're The Worst, Unreal, Parks & Rec, Rick & Morty, Gravity Falls, Breaking Bad, House Of Cards (Seasons 1-2) South Park, Game Of Thrones, even West World and about a hundred shows that don't run anymore like Deadwood and The Twilight Zone.


Where did Contact Cow™ go?

She retired after I put 'the work first' on the homepage back in the early 2015s. But she still lives near the old 2014 homepage. It's much quieter there now. Less flying mailboxes and such.


Who do you look up to?

People who can inspire others to become their very best. Who can push ideas into the real world. Empathic and kind people. Smart people who stay optimistic. And people who develop their talents further, passionately, with everyone they ever met rooting for them. Even the ones they neglected or offended. But what I respect the most I guess, is people who found ways to overcome their own demons and weaknesses. 


C'mon... name a few!

Sorry, I'm not going to namedrop.  There a a lot of really great people (in this industry). But exploiting their vanity for my own personal gain is not how I intend to build my career...  No, that's not true. I'm a huuuge fangirl and I can't stop yapping about my idols. I actually have a newsletter you can subscribe to just for that purpose.



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