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In 2016, Happiness Brussels won the Belgian Quick account. This meant - among other things - we could rethink Quick as a digital and social brand. So I wrote posts, invented formats and conducted experiments with emerging technologies on a very low budget. Here are some of the more unusual ones ...

In 2016 Burger King acquired Quick. Fans feared this meant Quick restaurants would disappear. So I took a cheap 360° cam, visited the first Quick that would turned into a BK and made a panorama video. Then I converted it to two VR videos so you could theoretically eat your Whopper inside the old Quick using cardboard VR technology. There were so many ways we could go with this. But then we discontinued the project, because the client didn't want people to think any Quick would ever disappear. 

How can we translate the tagline 'your Quick, your taste' into a weekly social post? We did all kinds of things. One of those things was an elaborate parody of those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. My aim was to let the humor come directly from the brand and the products, blended with every pseudo-psychological personality-test I could think of. Sure, our chatbot-interface became a website, my key visual became 4 pack shots and all the copy was watered down. But damn it, I got my www.quickburgerpersonalitytest.be so I was happy!