music, sold like drugs

In late 2012, when I got the school-assignment to create and campaign a fictional music album, physical music sales were already lower than ever. So my 'client' Dr. Lektroluv needed extra oomph. I had to change the way people buy and consume music...

Dr. Lektroluv presents: Party Dose


= An addictive cocktail of venomous raving technobeats and experimental audio-narcotics cooked for you by the DJ/doctor himself. All you need to party!

An exclusive buying ritual:


You can only buy the album on doctor's prescription.  Win a ‘doctors-consult-meet-and-greet’ with Dr. Lektroluv or ask a real doctor to write one for you.

Music samples hidden in Lektroluv Apparel:


Every T-shirt comes with a QR-code-tag, when you scan it, you can preview the linked music on Soundcloud.

Some more 'medicinal' Gadgets:


Hospital themed party bracelets, music featured on usb pills and a limited edition cocktail shaker, depicting the album's art.